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Aesthetic Dental Care is the type of treatment which we need and we let us receive following a bad condition and/or faulty function which must be corrected, and the result is more than just Functional, it is also Aesthetic.

Functional care can include any combination of the following: porcelain crowns and bridges, , to replace missing teeth, from root to crown, , , composite veneers and gum recontouring, and .

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In addition to having a healthy and beautiful smile, the masticatory system must function properly. The ability to speak without a "whistle", and chewing food without your teeth clunking together cannot be compromised.

When the functional and the cosmetic needs are met the results are spectacular.

Functional Dental Care

A beautiful smile is more than appearance; it is physiology. A healthy smile is functionally sound with an optimal bite.

With the dental procedures and materials available today: , implants, porcelain crowns and bridges in porcelain veneers, it is easier than ever to obtain a beautiful and healthy smile, a smile that shows white and straight teeth; an Exquisite Smile.

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