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Neuromuscular Dentistry (N.M.D.) is the science which objectively measures the functions affected by occlusion and makes it possible to evaluate the complex relations which exist between the teeth, the temporo-mandibular joints and the masticator muscles. The resulting evaluation allows us to determine the occlusion corresponding to the optimal relation between the mandible and the skull, the neuromuscular occlusion.

There are always options to consider when choosing a dental treatment. The neuromuscular analysis offers us an image of ensemble, of what is behind the appearance of your smile, tackling questions which affect your health and your global wellbeing.

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Slide the cursor of the mouse overTouch with your finger the following images to see some of the most common signs of malocclusion on the whole body: the Posture, the Neck, the Head and the Face.

Normal Head

Straight Back

Normal Chin

Normal Profile

If you consider orthodontic or reconstructive treatments including aesthetic and cosmetic procedures the neuromuscular techniques will be able to offer a positive impact on the longevity of the treatments of oral rehabilitation.

If you suffer from headaches or chronic neck pain or any of the T.M.D. symptoms, they will be able to offer the relief that other medical disciplines did not succeed to give you.

A beautiful smile is more than appearance; it is physiology. A healthy smiles is functionally sound with an optimal bite.

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