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Dental implants have proven to be effective in restoring and replacing everything from a tooth to a whole dentition. These days, implant dentistry is considered traditional dentistry and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. The implant restorations available to replace missing teeth and the materials used in the manufacture of crowns have also evolved.

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Implant Supported Crown

implant supported crown - centre de santé dentaire sourires exquis

Patients missing a single tooth can easily have it replaced with an implant-supported dental crown (instead of a traditional dental bridge). This procedure involves placing a dental implant in the area where the tooth is missing, and then restoring it with a dental crown.

Implant Supported Bridge

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Two solutions are available for patients with several missing adjacent teeth, crowns on individual implants or a dental bridge on implants. If the dental bridge is the ideal treatment solution, depending on the number of missing teeth, two or more dental implants are strategically placed in the empty space. After healing, the prosthetic dental bridge is permanently screwed in place. As always, the ceramic material similar to the enamel of the dental restoration will perfectly match the rest of the patient's natural teeth.

With the dental procedures and materials available today: , implants, and bridges and , it is easier than ever to obtain a beautiful and healthy smile, a smile that shows white and straight teeth; an Exquisite Smile.

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