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Having a healthy smile is important for self-confidence and for the health in general. It is important to note that it is always easier to keep a healthy smile than it is to try to regain a healthy smile. This is why Dre. Hindie emphasizes preventive care. By keeping your teeth healthy and preventing cavities, your teeth will stay strong and can last a lifetime.

Why prevention above all

why prevention above all - centre de santé dentaire sourires exquis

By preventing damage to your teeth, you can stay on top of wear and tear before it gets worse. Once the cavity has set in, it can be cleaned up, but the damage is still there and will always be the least resistant gate for future problems. The harm can lead to tenderness, future deterioration and gum disease. Preventing cavities from penetrating is more effective and beneficial for your teeth than trying to make up for the damage.

Preventive Sevices

Each mouth is different and requires unique care to treat it. The dental experts at Sourires Exquis offer patients many services to choose from during dental hygiene appointments to meet the individual needs of each patient. We provide comprehensive dental and periodontal care to all patients.

If you or a loved one would like to meet Dr. Christine Hindié, general dentist on the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal, please call or e-mail us today.

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